I am a very enthusiastic newly qualified academic librarian and a library campaigner.  I am starting a blog mainly because I love networking and I am keen to get other people’s views and comments on the things racing around my poor head.

I also find that putting my thoughts into writing helps to order them (and sometimes helps to reveal to me how silly they are…it never fails to amaze me how ideas and thoughts that seem ground breaking in my head are pretty far-fetched on paper/screen, so where necessary please humour me!)

I currently work in an academic library as an assistant librarian. My MSc dissertation investigated libraries in international development, which is a major area of interest for me, so my blog will also discuss global librarianship – a subject close to my heart.


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  1. Posted by Helen and Derek Briggs on November 9, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Library Campaign
    I am very keen to be part of your campaign to protect Cheltenham Library, but sadly cannot be there tomorrow evening (10th November). I am keen to support the campaign as I think libraries are under threat just when they could be very useful to the community as places of information, a resource for study and very important for young families. I am a qualified librarian and until I retired in 2009 was the Policy Officer for Children and Young People for the library service. I was also County Music and Drama Librarian in the !990s.

    Helen Briggs


    • Dear Helen,
      Thank you so much for your message of support. It means a lot, especially at a time when all around there seems to be just bad news for libraries.
      I am sorry to hear you cannot attend the meeting. There is a report from the last meeting here on our site http://foclibrary.wordpress.com/ . If you would like me to say anything at the meeting on your behalf please do let me know. We will be posting a report of this weeks meeting on the Friends of Cheltenham Library site also and I will be sure to let you know when it is available so you can keep updated with goings-on. I do hope you are able to make it to one of our future meetings – your input and experience would be welcomed.
      Best Wishes


  2. Hi

    saw your comments on recent This Is Gloucestershire. Just thought I’d send you this link if it’s of use….



    Andrew Preston


    • Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for sharing this. Funnily enough I have just been pointed to this by Shirley also. I believe a review needs to be called for the council’s plans here and I am currently looking into it. Any information on how to do this is most welcome. We are taking a cut of 43% to our libraries here based on a “consultation” that is fundamentally flawed and based on footfall not social impact There are so many holes in their proposals there really are. I cannot see how it can be allowed to go ahead. We have details of a cabinet meeting that took place today and questions were asked about the library plans. The answers were unbelievably weak and frankly laughable. We are in the process of putting together a report on it.
      Thanks again


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