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The Librarian and Rome : Rules for The University of Gloucestershire Library c.1943

The Archivist at The University of Gloucestershire showed me these rules for the library she found in the Archives Collection dated c.1943 and gave me permission to post them here. The Library at the time was named “Rome” and the institution was then called St Paul’s Teacher Training College. I love them and wanted to share them with you. How times have changed! If you click on the images you should be able to zoom in to the text.


Full dissertation – A Malawian school library: culture, literacy and reader development

Here is the full dissertation I submitted for my Library and Information Management MSc at University of the West of England (click on the link below), the title of which is:

Library Aid to Developing Countries : A case study investigating how a Western literary library model is integrated into a Sub-Saharan African oral culture within the Malawian primary education system.

Johanna Anderson Dissertation

I was very excited to receive the LIRG Student Award 2010 for my research. Thank you LIRG!

If you don’t fancy reading it, it has lots of nice pictures in it of the awe-inspiring village I stayed in and of my Malawian friends you can look at. Please feel free to leave feedback or ask questions.