My new hula-hoops what I made :)

Time to write about one of my other favourite things – Hoop dance! I went to a hoop dance workshop at the Folk House in Bristol today where I made these hoops to learn twin hooping. I spent so long carefully wrapping the tape around the hoops (it is waaaaay harder than you would think!) that I didn’t get to try many tricks but I am very excited to have two hoops specially made for me as they are exactly the right size. Plenty of time to learn tricks later. Anyone wonder what I mean by hoop dance? Check out my teacher Emma from Hooping Mad…she is AMAZING!

Feeling fed up because of all the budget stuff, library cuts, talk of volunteers taking over library services, England being rubbish in the football? WELL GET A HULA HOOP!!!!! You can’t be glum when hooping I promise. Five of our staff members at my library have taken up hooping since I started our little hooping group and we have loads of fun…and it is cheap fun! You gotta be in it to spin it! Yeah! wHoop!


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